Makeup? Check. Hair? Check. Nails? Check. Outfit? Check.

Now, before you go out the door for the hot date, take a second to smell yourself. If you scrunch up your nose in distaste, head back in and follow these steps.

  1. Shower before you meet him
    You might think “Duh!” but we still have to remind you: Singapore’s unforgiving weather will make you smell sour by the end of the day. So it’s best to get a quick shower before heading for that date, especially if you’ve been home the whole day – then you wouldn’t have a reason not to.
  2. Spray on deodorant
    Or roll it on, if you prefer. Again, it’s hard not to have your pits smelling yucky after a sweaty day. A deodorant will ensure you smell fresh even after a few hours.
  3. Slather on body lotion
    Layer your scents by first applying body lotion all over your body. This will make your fragrance last longer.

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  4. Spray it at the vital points
    Of course, by that, we don’t mean directly on your chest. Rather, dab it on the pulse points on your wrist, behind your ears (because he might be whispering naughty stuff), inside your elbows, collarbones, belly button (Liv Tyler swears by this!) behind your knees and ankles – because he might just end up at your feet for reasons only known to you.
  5. Spray your hair
    Hold that thought and put back that hairspray onto your vanity table. What you need to be spraying in your hair is not hydrofluorocarbons, but a hair mist. This will lightly scent your hair, especially if you’re sporting second-day hair.

Tip: Remember to choose similar scents when layering your fragrances. Otherwise, your date might end up sneezing or worse, running off because of the intoxicating scent.

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