Being single is awesome, but it can get lonely. And we’re not, by any means, saying nearing the ripe ol’ age of 30 and still being single is a bad thing. Except it IS an issue if you’re bored of endless disaster dates, can’t stand dating apps and you’re fed up of weekends at home alone. Dinner date for one? Just isn’t the same.

So if you find yourself alone and wondering what it is you do, or do not do, that means you can’t find true love or keep a man – we’re here to help you. Sometimes being stuck in a rut means you just need an outsider’s POV to help you change and move merrily upon your way. Singlesville isn’t a blast forever – no one really wants to die alone.

If you’re not there just yet, these tips will help you get there sooner than you might think.

Text: Nicola Watson / Her World / November 2017
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