There’s Tinder, and then there’s Tinder Select.

Unlike the regular app, which is available to everyone, this exclusive version is meant to be used by only the crème de la crème — basically, CEOs, supermodels and social media influencers. Those seem to be the profiles of its users, as least.

Tinder decides who receives an invite. Those invited by the company can invite others, but second-degree invitees can’t do the same. This naturally ensures there’s some sort of, well, quality control.

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According to TechCrunch, which managed to get hold of some screenshots, Tinder Select boasts a blue colour theme. It also has an ‘S’ at the top of the screen in place of the flame logo. Classy.

Intrigued? There actually are other apps with similar criteria. Models and American TV stars can be found on Raya, an “exclusive platform for people in creative industries”, while top-tier professionals are said to be on The League, which uses LinkedIn data to determine if one should make the cut.

Don’t suppose you’ll ever get an invite? You just might. TechCrunch added that if you’re pretty popular on Tinder, you possibly stand a chance.

But for everyone else… garish orange it is.

Image: dennizn/