It’s the last day of Chinese New Year tomorrow, which means dinner with the family (always nice). Know what else it is? Chinese Valentine’s Day. And if you’re looking to snag yourself a boyfriend, you should head to the nearest river or sea and toss some mandarin oranges in.

It’s believed that by throwing these tangerines into the water, women looking to settle down would find a good husband. In modern times, women have also been writing their name and contact details on the fruits so that the men fishing them out later would be able to, well, contact them. What Tinder?

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Some men would also eat the orange to help them decide if they should reach out. If the fruit tastes sweet, it indicates good fate, and if sour, a bad one.

Think this tradition (as with everything else) originated from China? It actually started in Penang and has been taking place there since the 19th century.

So go toss some mandarin oranges into a river tomorrow, but try not to be too obvious about it. People who don’t know the custom will think you’re mad, while people who do will see you as desperate.

Still worth a shot, though.

Image: Wang Tom/