Romance is probably the last thing on someone’s mind when they are buying toilet paper, but as the saying goes, “Good things come when you least expect it.”

When fears of a toilet paper shortage sparked by the COVID-19 virus led to a buying frenzy in Japan, the humble toilet roll became a precious commodity. Toilet rolls were snapped up in supermarkets and drugstores and quickly became sold out in numerous places.

However, for one single lady, she was lucky in more ways than one when she managed to purchase the last pack of toilet rolls at her local drugstore.

A tweet by Japanese user @shihon029 on Sunday (March 1) described how she’d overheard a stranger being turned away at a drugstore after it had completely sold out of toilet rolls, reported SoraNews24. She’d apparently bought the last pack.

In a grand gesture, @shihon029 then offered him two rolls from the pack she bought, and was even willing to give him more if he needed it. In full disclosure, she revealed that he was “her type in the looks department”.

She explained to him that since she lived alone, she wouldn’t require that many rolls, to which he responded that he lived alone as well, which is basically a declaration of singlehood on both sides.

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And thus, the seed for a blooming romance was planted.

The pair exchanged contacts, and he subsequently contacted her on the Line app.

According to a translation by SoraNews24, the guy then asked her out to repay her for her generosity, stating: “I’d like to properly show my gratitude, so would you be willing to go to dinner together? If that’s something you’d like to do, that is.”

This prompted her to wonder: “Is this really happening? I met a guy because of a toilet paper shortage!”

We’re not surprised the guy was touched.

In Japan, the situation has spiralled to the point where people are stealing toilet paper from public restrooms, prompting officials to suspend usage of the toilets.

In some places, paper rolls have also been chained to the toilet stalls. Behold:

As petty as the theft is, stealing toilet paper is still a chargeable offence, as one 64-year-old Japanese man found out in 2018. He was made to pay a $2,500 fine for stealing one roll of toilet paper from a public restroom.

Consider it fair warning.

Text: Candice Cai / AsiaOne / March 2020
Image: Pixabay