Been on a date and are now losing your mind trying to figure out whether or not he’s into you? Worry no more – Jessica Lamb from has given us all the solid indicators.

Signs it was a success
Two words: eye contact.
It’s a totally subconscious habit, but any guy that thinks you’re attractive won’t be able to avert his gaze from your face. Think back to the evening, was he easily distracted by all the stuff around you, or were his eyes locked with yours? Keep in mind that if he was staring down it might be that he was just shy.

His body faced inwards
It’s the unspoken things that make all the difference, like leaning in, facing towards you or “accidently” grazing your arm. In fact, “If his body language is mirroring yours then he’s really making that extra effort to connect,” Jessica says.

The chemistry was undeniable
After the initial three minutes of weirdness, the conversation flowed and you didn’t once have the urge to bring out your exit strategy! As a general rule, if you’re feeling positive, he probably is too.

Still not sure if you’ve knocked it out of the park? Here are two things you might be worrying about, but definitely don’t need to…

No kiss at the end of the night
Before you hit the panic button, remember there could be loads of reasons why he didn’t go in for a kiss. He might be shy, trying to be respectful of your personal space or simply holding out for a better moment.

He followed up post-date, but only via text…
Just because he hasn’t called, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t care. As Jessica emphasises, “messaging can be flirty and a great way of showing you’re thinking about the other person throughout the day.” Plus, remember that it gives you extra time to draft the perfect response. Win!

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Text: Lucy Bode
Image: 123RF