You probably feel tempted to update your Facebook status with #achievementunlocked when more than 10 guys in a row swiped right on you on Tinder, but hold your horses: a recent study published in American Psychological Association had a surprising finding.

It doesn’t matter which direction you swipe –users of the dating app are found to have lower self-esteem.

Jessica Strübel, PhD, of the University of North Texas, who co-authored the study, said, “Tinder users reported having lower levels of satisfaction with their faces and bodies and having lower levels of self-worth than the men and women who did not use Tinder.”

She added, “We found that being actively involved with Tinder, regardless of the user’s gender, was associated with body dissatisfaction, body shame, body monitoring, internalisation of societal expectations of beauty, comparing oneself physically to others, and reliance on media for information on appearance and attractiveness.”

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OK, our self-esteem really took a hit after reading that. But the results do make sense. After all, using Tinder keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering if you’ll receive that swipe of validation, which doesn’t sound good for the mental health at all. Not that it’s stopping celebrities from using it; Zac Efron recently revealed that he has a Tinder account.

He told UK’s The Sunday Times, “Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me! They thought [my profile] was fake.” Ouch! We hope that didn’t hurt his self-esteem.

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