I am going to ask you to break the cardinal rule of modern dating: Stop texting your SO every single day.

That means no more “Good Morning baby!” and “Good Night sweet love”. No more “Here’s what I had for lunch!” and the very classic “My boss is being such a b**** today. :(”

And here’s why. This constant texting, that most couples engage in causes more harm than good. The sad truth of the matter is that most people do not live very interesting lives and that includes us.

We spend a large portion of our day in an office sitting in front of a computer. And we do that five days a week.

I bet that you are reading this while sitting in that very same office. I’m not very interesting. You’re probably not very interesting and your partner is likely to be not very interesting too.


However, once in a while, something exciting does and will happen in your life.

Your colleague got pregnant. Again.
You overheard that someone is going to get fired.
You are pretty sure that your friend has a massive crush on her neighbour.


What you need to do is save these stories for your next date. Don’t immediately WhatsApp your partner.

This builds up anticipation between the both of you, so you’ll look forward to sharing and finding out what has happened since the last time you met. The instant communication that WhatsApp and LINE has afforded us makes it difficult to find things to talk about. Conversations tend to run dry or get boring quickly. And, in extreme cases, you’ll see no point of meeting or chatting when you meet. You’ll probably be on your phone, texting others, or just meet for sex. What will happen to communication then?

So do yourself a favor: Stop texting your partner.

Image: My Make OU / 123RF.com
Text: Perry Shen