We’re totally cool with online dating but when the matchmaking app gives us guys like that, don’t blame us for swiping left.

“I was relatively new on Tinder, so I got excited when I matched with a male model who was currently in town. I jokingly quoted Zoolander and asked if he was an actor slash model and not the other way around. I thought it would have made a good ice-breaker. Wrong. He got horribly offended and accused me of being shallow and spent the rest of the day sending me passive aggressive links to stories, questioned my spirituality, moral codes and personal beliefs… all because I asked him what he did for a living. P.S All his Tinder photos were of him modelling.” – Cheryl Chan, Fashion Stylist/Writer

“One guy’s profile picture was of someone removing a wedding ring. It looked more like a stock photo than an actual snap of himself but still, what it implied was just gross. SWIPE LEFT.” – Kit Chua, Senior Features Writer

“Swiped right on a guy wearing a wrestler mask and licking a woman’s high heel because I was curious. Turns out he’s a 32 year old submissive, and he has a lot of interesting stuff to say about his life. But then he started telling me that he wants to massage me and wash my undies.” – Sophie Hong, Features Writer

“I said ‘hi’ to a match and before we could get into a proper conversation, he replied with all the info he gathered about me through my very basic Tinder profile. He told me where my profile photos were taken (Massachusetts and Hong Kong), inferred that I’m a writer and even correctly wished me happy birthday! I don’t know if he’s truly a Sherlock but I do know I’m defo not going to be this creepy guy’s Watson.” – Liu Kai Ying, Editorial Assistant

“I was travelling recently and turned on Tinder, matched with a seemingly decent enough dude but I honestly didn’t have much time to meet anyone as it was the tail end of my trip. Said dude sent me a video of him playing his guitar and serenading me, and when I didn’t respond started messaging me every 15 minutes. To make matters worse, he was very adamant about meeting and because I thought he was too stalkerish, I deleted and blocked him from WhatsApp. Lo and behold, when I returned to Singapore I downloaded WeChat and he messaged me again asking why I blocked and deleted him. Omg, scary…” – Alicia Tan, Editor