Be creative
“The longer we are together, the more we open up to each other. Trust is the secret to our great sex life, as it allows us to be creative.” – Julia, 27

Use a secret code word
“My partner and I use a code word for ex. We call it ‘Fight Club’ and the rule is, you don’t talk about Fight Club. It’s our secret, so it’s a massive turn-on and we laugh about it when we have an actual fight. We’ll yell out in public, ‘Do you want to fight about it?’, and then we’ll find a place somewhere random for our version of a ‘fight’.” – Sam, 21

Get out of the bedroom
“Be adventurous and mix things up – don’t restrict sex to the bedroom. Try it in the living room, the kitchen, or on the dining table. It can be really exciting to think you be caught at any second.” – Gemma, 25

Look good with no clothes on
“After a few years together, we were growing a bit distant, so we decided to make a bigger effort and start working out to improve our appearances. Not only did we lose weight, but we found each other sexier too. I started adding to my lacy lingerie collection, which definitely helped!” – Megan, 26

Get into character
“My partner and I spice things up with some roleplay. It keeps out relationship special and ensures that we’re not bored! I play a naughty nurse, a French maid or a policewomam. You feel a bit stupid at first, but when you see how much he digs it, you get into it.” – Carol, 24

Text first published in CLEO Australia