You know what they say, you don’t just marry a guy, you marry his whole family. And technically, he marries yours too.

Which is why the new Tinder feature is great for those who want to get their family’s stamp of approval right from the get-go – before they even meet the guy.

With Apple TV, you can now swipe right, left or up on Tinder – on your television screen. No more hovering over your phone and screaming into one another’s ears about someone’s head blocking another person’s view. Everyone can look at the big screen and vote before you decide which direction to swipe. In this way, if your parents complain about your boyfriend to your relatives next Chinese New Year, just tell them, “But you asked me to swipe right!”

You can even make this into a social activity now that the festive season is around the corner. Bored after a few drinks with your girlfriends? Power up Apple TV, launch Tinder and start swiping – or drunk-swiping. Alternatively, just pass the remote around and let your friends swipe for you.

Just had a bad date and want to let it out? Start Tinder on your TV screen, have a tub of ice cream in hand and start swiping. Best therapy session.

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The best thing yet? You don’t have to zoom in on a photo just to see the guy’s face clearly. Everything will be displayed on the TV monitor – but ofc, it depends on how big your screen is.

Already have a Tinder account? Time to get that Apple TV.


Apple TV retails from $228.

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