Thanks to Sex and the City, sex toys have become pretty mainstream. In fact, not only do they have a very important job, they can even look quite cute.

But when we stumbled across this, we had to wonder  is it the weirdest sex toy ever… or actually just the most ingeniously disguised one?

Introducing Chakrubs “The Heart” – a rose quartz crystal dildo. 


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  1. It’s organic
  2. If you’re into crystals, rose quartz is meant to alleviate negative emotions and attract love and positive relationships.
  3. According to the product description, it is “ergonomically designed for easy grip and maximum pleasure”.
  4. It’s multi-functional  the product description also states that “with it’s simple lines, its bold, natural color and it’s lustrous sheen, it doubles as an elegant display piece”.

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  1. It doubles as an elegant display piece. That other people may touch.
  2. It’s stone, which we imagine to be cold and hard, no matter how polished it is.
  3. Just general weirdness



A photo posted by Chakrubs (@chakrubs) on


Reckon the pros of attracting love and an ergonomic design outweigh the cons? You can buy The Heart here.

Image: Chakrubs’ Instagram