Nervous glances and awkward pauses. “S**t, did I just say that?” “Red alert!” Those might be some of the common thoughts that not only goes through your mind during a first date, but the reality is, the men are not spared from the jitters either. Rob Moran dishes out on what a man ponders about during his first date. Find out what goes through his mind before the date here.

6.35pm: “Wow, she looks amazing.”
And the date begins. We’ll try not to look like creeps as we awkwardly exchange opening niceties, but we’re probably sniffing your perfume super hard while we’re greeting you with a kiss on the cheek.

6.37pm: “Quick, get her a drink!”
Expert decision-making, fuelled by a desire to be polite, attentive and to get you a little tipsy so you ignore how bumbling and awkward we are.

7.01pm: “I’m not being creepy, am I?”
This is something guys will repeat in our heads pretty often throughout first dates. First dates are a weird balancing act of making a polite, respectful, good impression, while also showing the other person that you’re kind of into them. If you ever catch a guy absent-mindedly gazing at you while you’re talking and then weirdly backing off, this is what’s running through his mind.

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7.26pm: “Oh man, do you think we’ll get naked tonight?”
Anxiety, now instantly replaced by hope.

7.50pm: “Am I drinking too much?”
So, we’ve now just entered the dinner portion of the evening, and we’ve just noticed that we’ve nervously knocked back two glasses of wine and two cocktails in about an hour. We’ll barely slow down, though.

9.40pm: “Remember to at least offer to pay for the full thing.”
Yes, we know you probably won’t accept it, but we’ve got to at least play the game. “No, don’t be silly, I’ve got it… No really, it’s fine… Oh, are you sure?… OK, cool…”, all while we resist the urge to take back some of the ridiculously generous tip you put down.

Image: Mladen Mitrinovic /
Text: Rob Moran
Additional text: Hidayah Idris