So you’ve scored a date with the guy you’ve been crushing on since forever. Next step: Plan your outfit. But that’s the hardest part. How do you look like a million bucks but not appear as a try-hard? Here are a few tips.

1. Wear a dress
Guys have a thing for dresses. They love it when you sport a one-piece, whether it’s a tight-fitting outfit or a flowy one.

2. Make sure you’re comfortable
Don’t wear those shorts that give you a wedgie because that not only makes it super uncomfortable for you, but it’s also unsightly to look at.

3. Avoid high heels that are too tall
Imagine falling flat on your face in front of your date. Not cool. If you really wanna wear six-inch heels (maybe because your date is a giant), make sure you can walk in them. But if you’re meeting him face-to-face for the first time, it might be best to stick to flats because you might bruise his ego if you’re taller than he is.

4. Don’t go OTT
You’re going on a date, not a fashion show. Unless your first date is at a swanky gala, put that cocktail dress back on the racks. Dress to impress, but don’t scare him away! Keep things simple.

5. Don’t show too much skin
You wanna look sexy, not skanky. Baring too much skin leaves little to imagination and he might even lose interest in you. Stay classy and instead of spilling the cleavage.

6. Take into account where you’re going
Ask him in advance what you’re gonna be doing, especially if he says something as general as “Meet me at Orchard MRT station”. Is he bringing you to a restaurant? Is it McDonald’s or is it one of the hotel buffets there? Are you just walking around? Or are you gonna go to the beach after dinner? Make sure you’re dressed for it because walking on the sand in high-heeled boots is not fun. If he’s super secretive about everything (why though), a safe bet would be an A-line dress with ballet flats.

Images: TPG/Click Photos