The next time your boyfriend kisses you, pay close attention. No, we’re not asking you to record it on video or rate it. Rather, observe where he’s kissing you. Turns out, his go-to smooch spot (other than your mouth) is sending you a very specific and sweet message.

Your forehead
He wants you to feel protected. Kissing you here is a nurturing gesture, signaling he has your back no matter what.

Your hand
He wants you to know you’re turning him on. The way he slowly kisses your hand and brings it close to his body is subtly sexual.

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Your neck
He wants you to trust him. This spot has tons of sensitive nerve endings, so he’s showing how intimate he feels about you.

Your cheek
He’s feeling needy. This spot’s easy access, so he’ll give you a quick smooch here when he’s craving reassurance.

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Source: Body Language Expert Patti Wood, author of Success Signals
Text: Hayden Ng