“You change your mind like a girl changes clothes. Yeah you, PMS like a b***h, I would know”. Does Katy Perry’s words hit close to home?

Some guys act hot and cold all the time, which inadvertently makes you play the guessing game: He likes me, he likes me not. Instead of plucking the petals off a flower to decide whether he really likes you, these four reasons might help you understand why he really does that before you make the decision whether to stay or go.

1. He can’t decide
He likes you but can’t decide if you’re “the One” or if he wants to start a committed relationship with you.
How to deal with it: Convince him. Show him that you’re sincere and that you’re not in it just for fun.

2. He’s emotionally unavailable
He flirts like a pro but runs away at the mention of relationship, or tells you he’s not good with those things.
How to deal with it: Four words: Don’t waste your time.

3. He needs time
Not everyone can admit or sort out their feelings in an instant. You may be one who believes in love at first sight, but some men require time to get to know you better before delving into a relationship.
How to deal with it: If you really like him, give him time. Some guys can take a long time to decide (perhaps even years cos they like to take things slow), so make sure that you’re willing to wait—and that he’s worth the wait.

4. He prefers the chase to the catch
Some guys thrive on the knowledge that he’s “wanted” and that he’s got you twirled around his little finger. #narcissist
How to deal with it: Deal him a blow. Let him know that he’s not all that and that you can do better.

Images: Steven Heap /123RF.com, TPG/Click Photos