So, Marie Kondo announced that she just launched an online store yesterday in a Facebook post.

I’m so excited to introduce the shop at KonMari. Many people have asked what I use in my everyday life. This online shop…

Posted by Marie Kondo on Monday, 18 November 2019

She described the things on her stockist as “a collection of my favourite things and items that spark joy.”

When Marie Kondo first became famous and everyone and their neighbour was talking about KonMari, I wasn’t sold. I’m someone who thrives in an organised chaos and watching the Netflix show stressed me out. I never got beyond one episode. But still, I was inspired—until I saw the items on her website.

Hello, Marie Kondo, I don’t know how these items spark joy for you, but even for someone as *ahem* messy as I am, these items will just add on to my mess.

I mean, it’s great that she has a lot of items that promote zero-waste, such as reusable cotton rounds and flower bouquet tote, but the prices made me go

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The cotton rounds go for US$20 ($27.23), which is pretty reasonable if you calculate by cost per use, but the flower bouquet tote costs US$42 ($57.19) and unless you’re buying flowers every week, it’s not very worth it. Yes, some of the materials she used are sustainably-sourced but unless I’m rolling in money (which I’m not), I wouldn’t bear to part with such an amount for glass containers or a bowl.

And then there are the items that made me go

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Scroll through to see the items that I wouldn’t buy and would probably make you go WTH as well. But I’ve included shopping links in case you don’t share my opinion and want to shop these pieces.

According to Wall Street Journal, she said she’s not promoting consumerism—she’s just sharing with her followers what she uses because they’ve been asking her what items she has around her house. They quoted her saying, “If the bowl that you’re using currently sparks joy for you, I don’t encourage replacing it at all.”

OK, but if my bowl doesn’t spark joy and I want to replace it, will your US$145 ($197.42) bowl spark joy for me?

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