Ask your mum how motherhood is. She’ll probably tell you about how difficult it was to raise you and how you should be grateful to her (though you really should be). Often, we don’t know how tough being a mother is until we become mums ourselves. As my mother wisely says whenever my sisters and I do something to anger her, “Wait till you become a mother, then you’ll know how I feel.” In Malay, it sounds like this: “Nanti kau dah jadi mak baru kau tahu macam mana.

Being a mother entails a lot of things—you’re not only responsible for a human being, but you also have to make sacrifices, whether it’s not having me-time or not being able to go on dates with your husband. But as mothers would tell you, it’s all worth it once you see your child.

Motherhood is another phase in one’s life, so it’s not surprising if you find your lifestyle habits changing after becoming a mum. We speak to eight millennial mothers to find out how life has changed since they had kids. Scroll through the gallery to read.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all mums!

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