Money Talks: I’m Unemployed And Receive A $6,000 Allowance From My Boyfriend

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In today’s column, we speak to a 33-year old unemployed woman who receives a monthly allowance of $6,000 from her boyfriend every month.

Occupation: Unemployed
Age: 33
Education level: Degree
Salary: Receives a monthly allowance of $6,000

Monthly Expenses

Utilities: $101 (HDB conservancy charges and Wifi)
Phone Bill: $30
Entertainment: $9.90 (Spotify)
House Cleaning: $250

Shopping Expenses

How much she thinks she spends: About $3,000
How much she actually spent: $5,000

On how she shops:

I receive an allowance of about $6,000 every month. And while I would spend around $3,000 on expenses and weekly shopping, I try to put aside $2,000 to $3,000 of that. For clothes, I’ll spend between $50 and $250 and for designer bags, I’m willing to spend up to $3,000.

I shop at the usual suspects like ZARA, Lululemon, ASOS and Matches Fashion. Recently I’ve been crazy over local label Our Second Nature as well. When it comes to luxury items, I try to limit my purchases to once every three months. I also scour resale sites like The Fifth Collection for deals as well. When it comes to makeup, I try to spend as little as possible. I only buy beauty products at warehouse sales (e.g. Luxasia’s annual sale), Sephora during their Black Friday Sale or via voucher redemptions on Krisflyer.

On her hoarding habit:

I’m definitely more thrifty now compared to 10 years ago. It has taken me many hard lessons for me to arrive to where I am now in terms of my relationship with money. I would think thrice before buying something online or in stores. If the shops do not have a good return policy, then it’s a firm no for me! I really need the option because I’m such an impulsive shopper! I would sit on an item for a maximum of one week because two is way too long and I need to cut out the hoarding in my life. If I decided to keep something, it has to be something unique that I don’t already have and complements my body.

I moved house in June last year and having to throw out bags of clothes, shoes and purse was an extremely stressful process for me. Even though I have not used many of these items in months or years, I struggled to part with them. It is a mindset that I am trying to change as the clutter I had in my old house had caused a lot of strain in my personal relationships.

On her lifestyle and savings:

I have no complaints with my allowance and living arrangements right now. I’m very lucky that my boyfriend takes care of most of my expenses. He does not question my shopping nor does he restrict it, and in any instance that I need more, he’s always happy to help.

I don’t really have an idea of what is a “healthy amount” to be honest! But we do not plan to have a wedding or kids, which are both huge money drainers in my opinion. But our house is not mortgaged at all, so I guess we are doing OK?

Here’s what she bought in a month:

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