Saki Tamogami recently made headlines for being able to retire at the age of 34. And no, it’s not because her previous job was lucrative or that she struck the lottery⁠—it’s because she scrimped and saved for 16 years and now owns three houses.

The Japanese woman purchased her first house for 10 million yen ($132,000) at 27,  and her second house for 18 million yen ($238,00) at 29. She purchased her third home for 37 million yen ($488,000) in May this year.

According to a Japanese media report, she was able to achieve this feat by wearing only hand-me-downs and spending no more than 200 yen ($2.60) a day on food. She hasn’t bought any new clothes since she was 18 and usually only has udon with vegetables for each meal.

“As long as I can fill my stomach, what I eat doesn’t really make a difference,” she reportedly said.

Saki now gets an income by renting out the unoccupied rooms in her properties, and collects about 300,000 yen ($4,000) each month.

Inspired by her story? You can take a leaf out of her book and start saving with these helpful tips below.

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Image: Two Eggz
Text: Alevin Chan/Sing Saver February 2017
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