The long-awaited June holidays are finally here! While the feeling of being liberated from lectures, notes and exams can be exhilarating, the fact that you can now spend time catching up with your friends and family without worrying about your studies is what makes this period even more precious.

Thanks to a hyper-active social calendar during this period, many students find themselves quickly running out of cash before the holidays are over. To prevent this from happening, try these few methods to make your money last all through the holidays.

  1. Budget
    It goes without saying that the better you plan your finances, the less likely you are to find yourself broke one day. To make things easier, simply allocate an approximate sum for each week and make sure you stick within your set weekly budget.

  2. Organise group outings
    To stretch your dollar (and time) further, why not organise group gatherings instead of going out with different friends each week? Many places offer good discounts for group activities, which can help you save money while strengthening multiple friendships all at once!

  3. Look for promotions
    Instead of making spontaneous decisions, plan ahead and look out for promotions that you can make use of so you can have a fun time at a lower cost. Websites like Groupon will cost you no more than a few minutes to browse, and there are tons of merchant offers there to help you cut down on that dinner or activity you want take part in.

  4. Offer to host a party (or spend time at your friends’ places)
    One of my favourite social activities is to head to someone’s house for board games, potluck dinner or drinks. It is not only inexpensive, but also great fun. Everyone chips in to bear the cost and you also end up spending more time together than you otherwise would if you guys were hanging out in town.

  5. Avoid the expensive midnight taxi surcharge
    If you’re intending to hit the clubs at night, either try to make it home before the last night-rider bus ends its service, or head out for supper after all that partying and wait to catch the first morning train home. After all, with no morning lessons the next day, this is one holiday privilege that you should definitely maximise!

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