Will you make money this month? Or should you avoid any form of negotiations? Here’s what your horoscopes say.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Libra – 23 Sept to 22 Oct

This is a good month to organise charity events, rallies or social networking events. You’ll find that technology and smart products are your best companions to aid you in making financial progression. You might also want to take on restoration projects, whether it’s taking something old and restoring it to former glory or repurposing it for something else to bring in success for your finances. Pay attention to small details.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Scorpio – 23 Oct to 22 Nov

If you own a business, you might perform better financially this month. You are generally optimistic about your outlook on your finances and you don’t have a reason not to be. You may be more ambitious with your finances, but this doesn’t mean you will be excessive. Invest in improving your knowledge and being in touch with current economic trends to build your social network. Now is a good time to improve on your assets and continue building yourself up for future success.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Sagittarius – 23 Nov to 20 Dec

You may feel more self-aware about your finances and spending this month. You generally tend to be quite conservative and wary of overspending. However, this is a good time to start a new project or pursue new investments. Your success will depend on how well you are able to manage the logistics and plans of these ventures, and rely upon your skill and action. If you work for someone else, you may receive a pay raise or bonus, or see a benefit in your career.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Capricorn – 21 Dec to 19 Jan

Things are looking up for Capricorn, especially in terms of finances. Things are headed in the direction that you expect them to head and you will be able to readjust your financial structure accordingly in lieu of any new information or changes. Thus, make sure that your plans aren’t so deadlocked that you cannot change them. It is a good period to consider taking out a loan or financing other career or leisure aspects of your life.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Aquarius – 20 Jan to 18 Feb

You want to involve yourself more in finances this month, after having to wait out last month. Now is the right time to get into calculating your financial odds and taking some calculated risks in order to bring yourself more financial gain. Negotiations and deal-making are just two of the skills that you should try to employ this month. You are well-equipped to handle projects or ventures with government or even multinational enterprises and large corporations. Don’t be afraid to go big with financial projects or bids.

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horoscopes june 2018 love

Pisces – 19 Feb to 20 Mar

It’s important for you to get organised and be properly educated about economic trends around this period. Don’t be afraid to sit down and actually go through the strategy you want to use in order to achieve your financial goals. Keep your cards close to your chest for the time being. You can consider hiring help to aid your current ventures, but be wary of dealing with large corporations or governmental institutions.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Aries – 21 Mar to 20 Apr

While it’s generally a good time to make important financial decisions, you might want to seek advice from industry professionals before doing so, as there are many people who want to take advantage of you this month. It’s also important to remain organised as you might find yourself overloaded and consequently, overlook small but crucial details that can lead to financial loss.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Taurus – 20 Apr to 21 May

This is a good time to make money off science- or tech-related projects. In fact, it’ll be easier for you to get loans and investments for such projects during this time. Keep an eye out for economic and tax changes that can further help your financial situation. It is also a good time to seek out advice from those who have already made their mark in the industry. Their knowledge and experience will be invaluable.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Gemini – 21 May to 20 Jun

This month, your creativity and spirituality will take the spotlight. You will find success in ventures that allow you to be more hands-on and play a larger role in managing others. You’re family-focused this month, so any projects that involve your family – or other people’s families – will be more fulfilling emotionally and financially. However, don’t start any long-term projects now, and avoid dealing with negotiations.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Cancer – 21 Jun to 20 Jul

This is a good time to start a new venture to put yourself in a better position, financially. However, avoid taking on too much debts or investing in stocks this month. Learn to be realistic with money as you have the tendency to overspend during this period. Always consider renting instead of buying if it is a viable option, especially if you’re looking for short-term use.

horoscopes june 2018 love

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Leo – 21 Jul to 21 Aug

It’s time to get your finances sorted out and start on a clean slate. This means decluttering and clearing any work you’ve been putting off till now. It sounds arduous, but you need to settle all the nitty gritty of your financials, including admin matters, paperwork, taxes and insurance policies. You will feel much better when all the work is finished and behind you.

horoscopes june 2018 love

Virgo – 22 Aug to 22 Sept

Creative and artistic ventures will be the most successful and emotionally fulfilling for you this month. Do not be afraid to jump into industries where trends are not as stable, as you will be gifted with the flexibility and skill to adapt to almost any situation. Pursue ventures where you are allowed to express yourself and exercise your creativity as it will be in full swing this month. Inspiration can come from almost anything so keep your eyes open. Appealing to the public and working on your public image may be your best bet this month as well.

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Text: Renaye Chan