Weddings can get expensive. Between the event space, bridal gowns, and wedding photography, all these things can add up to a pretty intimidating amount. So just how much does an average wedding in Singapore cost? And what are Singaporeans spending on when it comes to their big day?

Bridestory, a regional online wedding marketplace, did a poll and released the findings in their 2018 Wedding Industry Report. Here’s what they found.

Most couples prefer to spend around $150 on each guest

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Who are these Crazy Rich Asians who are spending more than $600 on per guest?

While it’s customary for guests to bring a cash gift to “cover” cost, it’s safe to say that you should never bank on that. Because a) good financial sense means having a wedding that’s within your means and b) let’s be real⁠—not everyone’s going to give you an amount that fully covers their seat at the table.

Couples expecting around 300 guests will have to set aside a budget of at least $45,000

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This is assuming that you spend $150 per guest

According to a wedding budget break down by Bridestory, it’s recommended that 40% of the budget should be allocated to venue and catering.  The second biggest expense would be on the bride and groom, with the outfits and hair and makeup taking up 16% of the wedding budget. And if you’re looking at doing a pre-wedding shoot on top of the actual day? Be prepared to set aside 13% of your budget for professional photography and videography services.

Most couples had a guest list of 100 – 300 people

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Your parents will probably want to invite some of their own guests too. Try not to yell at them about the budget you have to stick to

The poll also found that while majority of the couples polled had funded the wedding on their own, 1/4 of the respondents said that the groom funded most of the wedding. Interestingly, it also found that the groom’s parents are more likely to help fund the wedding, compared to the bride’s parents.

Looking at the amount of cash you’re gonna blow in one day and second-guessing everything? First, take a deep breath. then, grab your fiance and have a discussion about what’s absolutely necessary, and what’s not. If budget is a big concern, consider things like scaling down the size of the wedding, holding the banquet at a restaurant instead of a hotel, and maybe not go for that extra outfit change halfway during the night.



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