How To Negotiate Your Salary During A Job Interview


Hands up if you find it uncomfortable to talk about salary moreover negotiate for a higher amount during a job interview. You may worry that asking for more pay might affect your chances of getting the job but showing the interviewer that you know your value and that you are able to negotiate professionally is also a way to impress them. Salary negotiation is a normal part of the hiring process and avoiding it may put you at a disadvantage if you just accept an offer at face value.

We spoke to Tommy Ng, Founder and Chief Guru of HR Guru Pte Ltd which provides a wide range of HR services including career counselling. He shared eight tips that can help with negotiating salary for a new job.

Salary negotiation is an acquired skill and practice makes perfect. If you feel nervous or intimidated, you can try practising your negotiating skills with friends or a career coach to build up your confidence. The more comfortable you are with negotiation, the better you will get at it, and eventually you will find it easier to ask for what you want and deserve.

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