8 Girls Share Their Office Party Horror Stories. Can You Relate?


Ever attended an office party and thought, “I wish I was drunk enough for this”? Yeah, us too. As much as exchanging polite pleasantries and engaging in mundane small talk isn’t anyone’s favourite thing to do, it’s all still bearable—and sometimes actually enjoyable—until something goes horribly and terribly wrong.

Everyone probably have attended a mediocre work party that they couldn’t wait to escape from, but some of you might have had to endure really awful ones where you wanted nothing more than to bolt out the door. Eight girls share their stories about the worst office parties they’ve ever attended and why they wouldn’t quite want a repeat.

Since it’s the holiday season, we’ll leave you with their stories as you brace yourself for another round of work-related functions. We wish you the best of luck, and may none of your office parties turn out to be like these ones!

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Images: Unsplash, 123RF.com
Text: Sally Tan

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