There’s nothing wrong with consulting the stars every once in awhile. In this series, CLEO staffers turn to expert divination readers to find out what the universe may have in store for us. For the third installment, senior features writer Sophie Hong consults Master Chuan for a palm-reading session.

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Master Chuan’s brand of palmistry takes into consideration the Four Pillar Analysis, which is based on a Chinese astrology concept that believes life events are predetermined from birth. He cross-references both readings, which apparently makes for a more accurate deduction.


The reading

The interesting thing about Master Chuan is he never deals in absolutes. When I asked about my love life, he said I had very deep feelings for a person when I was 25 to 26 (I was engaged at the time, so that much is true), and that the next time I’ll feel like this again would be when I’m 32.

He didn’t tell me whether I would be married at that point; he simply said that’s when my feelings towards my romantic partner would be the strongest.

Emotional healing

Master Chuan usually does emotional healing for his clients after their readings. He asked if there’s anything that has been bugging me lately, and we traced the root of my most recent funk to a falling out I had with someone.

He felt I was having trouble forgiving that person and wanted me to work on that. This is how it works: he’ll get you to hold your arm out, tell you to picture something specific to the situation, then he’ll push your arm down.

It’s an exercise that’s part of the healing process, which apparently alters the subconscious mind. This was followed by some breathing exercises and me repeatedly saying that I forgive that person.

I can’t say I’ve let go of the anger completely, but I did feel a tiny weight off my shoulders after admitting out loud that the incident has obviously impacted me in some way.


The aftermath

I came out of the two-and-a-half hour session feeling like I had just gone for therapy. Master Chuan told me things I felt were positive affirmations which, in turn, made me feel good about myself.

He told me things like how as a water element with a yang personality, I’m smart, capable, and very adaptable – which made me acknowledge that those are my strengths.

Upon reading that I’m in a period of my life where money feels a little tight, he also taught me about the Six-Jar Money Management Method (google it!). The money management lecture I got felt out of place in the session, but I did appreciate having actual practical advice I could use.

He also advised me to not be so insistent on getting what I want – especially when it comes to my romantic life. Ironically enough, that was partly the reason why my last relationship failed. So now that a total stranger has pointed it out to me, I find myself wanting to work on that more consciously.

A 60 to 90-minute palm reading and Four Pillar analysis with Master Chuan is $120 to $200. Chuan Consultant Services is at #04-12 Centropod, 80 Changi Road. For more information, visit

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