Here’s Your Guide To Surviving The Party Season

It’s party season!

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In this Party digital issue, we’ll be your guide to surviving the party season as an Adult—from navigating social situations (i.e., office parties) to making sure you get bang for your buck when you shop for outfits or gifts.

How did the year go by so fast? One moment you’re celebrating New Year and before you realised it, December is here.

We know you’re juggling year-end meetings with parties, Christmas gift shopping and all other Adult Responsibilities that comes with the party season. But fret not, we’re going to help make your ride smooth.

Need something to wear to parties ?From super extra dresses to eye-catching crop tops and stylish but comfy shoes that you can dance all night in, we’ve got you covered.

And we understand that as a Responsible Adult, you’re not only attending parties for funsies, but also company get-togethers because that’s part of your job as a working adult. Need to navigate the latter without getting a warning letter from HR the next day? Don’t worry, we’ve got tips on making small talk with the ones who pay your salary, what not to do at office parties and a whole lot more.

Oh, and want to party but broke AF from all the shopping? We’ve got you covered too.

Bookmark this space because we’re going to update it regularly with more articles that can make your month less stressful.

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