There are many old wives’ tales surrounding how we can predict the gender of our baby. For example, we’ll supposedly crave salty foods if we’re having a boy, and hanker for sweet treats if it’s a girl. But these theories have little scientific basis and we generally don’t pay much them heed.

Interestingly, though, reproductive scientist Dr Valerie Grant conducted a series of studies and found that our personality may be a good signifier of the gender of our baby to come.

This can come across contentious considering how it’s known that it’s the sperm that carries the chromosome that determines the gender. However, the research suggests that our eggs are predisposed to accepting only its preferred chromosome from the sperm.

And how do they develop the predisposition? Apparently, it all boils down to our personality and hormones.

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The findings seemed to indicate that women with more dominant personalities have a higher level of testosterone than average and are more likely to have boys. And that women with a more passive personality and lower levels of testosterone were found to be more likely to have girls.

Feel like this sounds like hogwash? Here’s the thing: Dr Grant found that she could predict the gender of women’s babies before they even got pregnant with 80 percent accuracy.

She did this by simply asking the women to choose from 64 adjectives to describe their personalities. If they chose eight or more adjectives denoting dominance or power, they were more likely to have sons. If there were less than eight of such adjectives, she found that it would likely be a girl.

“[It seems] far more likely that females conceive infants of the sex they are most suited to raise,” Dr Grant said to Aleteia.

Of course, this series of studies don’t explain lots of things — like how a woman can have children of both genders. But still, it’s pretty cool to know.

So how would you describe your personality?

Image: Ekachai Wongsakul/