This Singaporean Plus-Size Pageant Queen Talks About The Judging Process

The second edition of Ms Top Of The World Plus Size was held on our shores just a few days ago. The winner, Jodel Padao Mesina from the Philippines, received the crown from the 2016 winner, Fiona Tan from Singapore. Yes, Fiona put us on the world map last year, when the competition was held in Latvia.

The 30-year-old is also the organiser of this year’s contest. We speak to Fiona to find out more about the pageant and body confidence.

CLEO plus-size pageant queen body confidence

How has being Ms Top of the World Plus Size changed your life?

It’s made me want to make a difference even more and has given me a chance to share my story. It allows me to come out and say something when I feel like I can inspire people.

What made you join the competition?

When I was first asked to join, I thought, “why not?” I’ve always been told that I’ve a lot of confidence, and that I should use my it to inspire other people. We often think that we need a lot of money to help others, but actually,  we can also help them by inspiring them.

How was the judging process like?

It was an intensive five-day process. The way we presented ourselves throughout was important, so pretty much every moment we were awake, we were being observed.

During the pageant, we got to wear our national costume and nice gowns. But we also had a personal interview where we shared our story and explained how we stand for being plus sized. It wasn’t just about looking good in a gown on the catwalk—it was also about our attitude, behaviour, and mindset. It was about what kind of role model we are and how we react under pressure.

This year’s pageant was held in Singapore. Did you have a hand in making that happen? 

Yes, I did. I was actually a sponsor for the event, and I also put in a lot of time, energy and labour. Ms Top Of The World Plus Size isn’t that well-known, so I just wanted to support the cause and make sure that I can inspire more plus-size ladies.


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