Ask any organised person what their secret is and chances are, they’ll probably tell you that they list their life down in their planner. Well, not their whole life, but you get what we mean.

Planners help us organise our time so that we can accomplish more each day, and ensure that our day runs smoothly.

Writing down your agenda also declutters your mind, enhances your focus and maximises your time to its fullest potential.

Smartphones are easy and convenient to use, but they can’t quite replace a pretty journal that you can write and doodle in and flip through. There’s nothing that’s as satisfying and comforting as putting pen to paper.

So since we’re spending most of our year with it, our planners, journals and calendars should look aesthetically pleasing. Cute, pretty and chic designs help to motivate us and spark creativity too.

Text: Atika Lim / The Singapore Women’s Weekly / December 2017
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