Singapore Is Making It Easier For Rape Victims To Come Forward


Coming forward in the face of rape or sexual assault is very difficult and can be very taxing on the victim. That’s why it’s great to hear that Singapore is moving in the right direction by setting up procedures to make the whole ordeal a bit easier.

Starting on 1 May, the One-Stop Abuse Forensic Examination (OneSafe) Centre, which allows victims to be examined medically and lodge a police report at the same time, will have doctors from three hospitals on standby to tend to rape victims.

“We want to make the (recounting of the experience) as painless as possible,” said Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam. “With the expansion, the centre is set to help 90 per cent of victims of sexual crimes, up from 25 per cent during the pilot.”

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A police spokesman said victims’ privacy can be better protected at the centre, as they do not have to go to two separate venues – a police station and a hospital – in order to make a report. Last year, police solved all but one of the 191 cases, (the case in question was very old). In 2016, the police solved all 149 reported cases of sexual assault.
The spokesman also urged victims to make reports within 72 hours of the crime to increase the chances of capturing the offender.

There will also be changes to the interview room where suspects are interviewed and videoed for court processes. It will now feature a digital clock that tells the time, date and temperature of the room, which will the be monitored by cameras and mirrors to capture all angels. This way suspects can’t claim they were pressured into their answers and removes any questions about the interview process.

Check out this video that summarizes the new measures.

Text: Aw Cheng Wei/The Straits Times/ 22 February, 2018


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