Pretty Water Bottles You Can Bring To Work

If you read the news yesterday, you probably would have seen the video or photos of a starving polar bear that travelled hundreds of kilometres away from the Arctic to a Siberian town to look for food. If the footage of the animal scavenging for food in a dumpster doesn’t break your heart, do you really have a heart? Climate change is real, and global warming has impacted the lives of many animals, especially those in the Artic. Some people argue that global warming is a natural phenomenon, but the rate that it’s happening is certainly not. Global warming has been exacerbated by man-made factors, such as deforestation and waste disposal.

Yes, waste disposal doesn’t only affect the sea creatures. It’s also affecting the polar bears and more. Apart from using metal straws in place of plastic ones, cultivate a good habit by forgoing bottled water in favour of refillable cups and bottles. To get you started, here are pretty cups and bottles you’d love.

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