The Simplest Ways You Can Save Money Every Day


Since we’re all adulting and are paying bills like the real adults we are, it’s important to know how to save so you don’t end up living paycheck to paycheck. But you might find it hard to do that because on top of paying for your Netflix subscription, you also have to pay for household expenses because, well, adult responsibilities.

Did you know that families in Singapore spend nearly $700 per month on household expenses on average? That’s nearly 15 per cent of the average household monthly income.

If you’ve been struggling to reduce your household expenses without much success, maybe that’s because you haven’t been following the latest lifestyle and household happenings. But it turns out there are some new trends which actually have the potential to help you save more than a pretty penny.

Ready to reduce your household expenses, and try out some new trends while you’re at it? Well then, check out these best new ways for saving money at home.


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Text: Chip Chen


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