South Korea just jumped on the #MeToo campaign, and women are sharing their experiences of being a victim of sexual abuse on social media and TV. This bravery came after a revelation by a female prosecutor who went on national TV to reveal that she was demoted after complaining about being groped by a senior official at a funeral.

Other women drew courage from her story and started sharing their own experiences with sexual abuse. One such woman was Kim Ji Eun, the former secretary of the former governor of South Chungcheong province, Ahn Hee Jung.

Miss Kim went on national television and accused the former governor of raping her on four occasions between June 2017 and February 2018 when they went on overseas business trips. She said that because of “power imbalance”, it was hard for her to refuse his requests.

During the TV interview, she also revealed that she was afraid of what would happen to her after the show aired.

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Ironically, on the same day that the interview was aired, the governor endorsed the #MeToo campaign at a public event. During the event, he said he hoped that the movement would help make a fairer society.

During the interview, Miss Kim claimed that the former governor continued to sexually abuse her even after the campaign gained traction in South Korea in late January, which prompted her to come forward with her story.

After the interview, the former governor’s office claimed that while he did have sexual intercourse with Miss Kim, it was consensual.

The Democratic Party, which Ahn was part of, held an emergency meeting and announced they would be expelling him with immediate effect.

In a Facebook post uploaded last night, he admitted to his wrongdoings and said he would resign on the same day and stop all political activities. He also clarified that the office’s claims that the sexual relationship was consensual was false.

If you have been sexually assaulted and need help, please call Aware’s Sexual Assault Care Centre at 6779 0282.