There’s nothing wrong with consulting the stars every once in awhile. In this series, CLEO staffers turn to expert divination readers to find out what the universe may have in store for us. For the second installment, writer Adora Wong consults spiritual messenger, healer, and lightworker Kelly Tan for a tarot card reading. 

I’ve seen several tarot readers before and the readings weren’t always accurate, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from a session with Kelly. I don’t expect tarot readers to provide answers, but I do expect them to be intuitive.


The reading

The first tarot spread Kelly laid out for me is a common one known as the Celtic Cross, which she said is a “cliche” but that “shows the entire situation”.

She said the cards gave her a peek into my subconscious, and said that while I’m independent, I have “a touch of defensiveness”. I’d say there’s some truth to this, but of course, it’s something that applies to most people.

Kelly then started delving deeper and shone a light on things that subconsciously bugged me. She also used numerology to figure out my life path, and said that a lot of my life will be spent exploring – in every sense of the word. She noted that I’ll make a good life coach and may even one day be a “bada** Oprah” if I play my cards right (no pun intended).

I’m not the most caring person around, but I’ve always been drawn to helping people who are stuck in a funk, so that statement intrigued me. I wondered for a moment if I’m ready for a career change, and imagined giving out free stuff while shouting: “You get one! And you get one! Everyone gets one!”

Animal communication

Kelly is also an animal communicator, and halfway through my reading, she began talking to my dog.

My 10-year-old pooch told her that whenever I’m upset, I sit in a particular corner in my room. That’s exactly what I do, and I must admit that hearing that made me feel weirded out yet warm inside (like I was never really alone during those times).

Even though we talked about a lot of other things throughout the 90-minute session, the dog-talk moment was the only time I felt a bit emotional.

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The aftermath

The advice I got from her? To not get disillusioned by all the struggles I face, because the more I let things go, the more I’ll attract the good stuff. According to her, a lot of good things will come my way… if I let them.

Kelly concluded that I should embark on a journey to become the best version of myself. And as general as the statement is, it’s just the sort of reminder I need. She emphasised that things may get a little lonely, which is not unlike any other path that requires personal growth.

I’m not opposed to seeing Kelly again if I’m struggling. She might not have all the answers, but she’ll point you in the direction you need to go – and to me that’s exactly what a good reader does.

Kelly’s tarot reading sessions are $150 an hour, and $2 for every subsequent minute. To get in touch with Kelly, visit

Banner image: Anisimova