The public is still outraged over a sexual abuse ring on Telegram, operated by Cho Joo Bin. Two days ago, he was paraded in public. Wearing a neck brace, he made a statement outside Jongno Police Station in Seoul, saying: “Thank you for ending my unstoppable life as a devil. I apologise to those who were hurt because of me.”

The public was not appeased by his apology and saw him as being not remorseful.

The police have apprehended 126 people related to this case, and formally detained 19, including Cho.

Members of the group has tried to distanced themselves from the chat group, claiming they clicked on the wrong link or had joined the group by mistake.

The three chat groups that Cho operated had 2600,000 paid members.

The police also revealed that last month, they had detained a 16-year-old who is suspected to operate a different sexual abuse ring with 8,000 to 20,000 members. In that group, photos and images of child pornography were circulated.

Korea Herald reported that based on anonymous tips, the 16-year-old formed the group after falling out with operators of a similar group, with Cho being one of them.

Identity Of Man Allegedly Operated Sex Slave Telegram Chat Groups In South Korea Revealed

After backlash from the public, Seoul Metropolitan Police has promised to divulged the identity of the suspect, Cho, who was the first of many to be arrested in relation to Telegram groups that sexually exploit women.

Last night, SBS News reported on the suspect’s identity.

They identified him as Cho Joo Bin, who went by the name “Baksa” (translated as “doctor”) in the chat groups. He was the chief editor of his school’s newspaper and had graduated with a GPA of 4.17 out of 4.5 from the Information and Communication programme at Inha Technical College. He reportedly got into trouble with the professors and other students for some of the stories he ran in the school newspaper. According to Korea Times, he appeared to be providing sexual content on the social media platform after his graduation in 2018.

To date, 124 men, including Cho and 17 others who are believed to have operated the chat groups, have been arrested for their involvement in the paid chat groups. However, the person who is believed to have created the chat groups and operates under the username “GodGod” remains at large. Police said they will not be disclosing his identity as “a matter of policy”.

Yesterday, South Korean president Moon Jae In called for a full investigation into the chat groups.

Trigger warning

According to news outlet Kookmin Ilbo, two of their reporters infiltrated the group chat to find out what kind of information was being shared. They reported that some of the clips showed middle school students doing sexual acts, and there was even a livestream of a sexual assault.

Telegram Groups In South Korea That Sexually Exploit Women Has 260,000 Paid Members


Last week, the Korean police arrested a man in his 20s who allegedly operates a pornography ring on Telegram. The case is now known as the Telegram Nth Room case.

He is suspected of exploiting and subjecting 74 people, including minor, to doing sexual acts and sharing them online in return for cryptocurrency payments since December 2018.

According to The Korea Herald, the man whose surname is Cho and Telegram nickname is “doctor” is among others who are accused of blackmailing women and minors into creating sexual videos.

The news outlet reported: “Cho is also suspected of securing private information about the victims and chat room members through administrative aides at local government offices to blackmail the users and victims.”

The police stated that the man had allegedly tricked the victims into sending him nude photos with their faces in it in exchange for a high-paying part-time job.

Some of the videos had the victims carving the word “slave” onto their bodies.

The three Telegram chat rooms that Cho is said to be involved in have around 260,000 members. Each group has a monetary tier: 200,000 won to 250,000 won ($228 to $285) for level 1; 700,000 won ($799) for level 2, and 1.5 million won ($1,716) for level 3.

Police have confiscated 130 million won of cash from Cho’s home.

Cho is also suspected to have used some of the victims for illegal activities such as money laundering. So far, 13 of his suspected accomplices have been apprehended and four have been arrested. Some of his accomplices allegedly sexually assaulted some of the victims. The suspects’ average age is between 24 and 25.

The case has caused public outrage. There are two petitions going on: one called for the revelation of the identity of Cho, while another that called for the identities of all members of the chat rooms to be divulged now. The former has more than 2 million signatures to date, while the latter has more than 1.5 million signatures.

Celebrities such as former Infinite member Hoya, Girls’ Day Hyeri and Sojin, Moon Ga Young, VIXX’s Ravi and many more raised awareness about this case and encouraged their fans to sign it.

Ravi wrote on his Instagram story, along with a screenshot of one of the petitions: “I don’t want the people I love to live in such a frightening world.”

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