Europe is fun, but we didn’t think it could be this fun till we saw Logan Dodd’s video.

The New Zealander had spent three years exploring Europe, and if his Instagram photos aren’t enough to convince you how spectacular it was, the video will definitely do the job.

In the three-and-a-half minute video that he posted on YouTube and GoPro Facebook page, he was seen partaking in all sorts of activities, from partying to skydiving and going for a mud bath.

The video was fully taken using the GoPro Hero 3 on a selfie stick, and we must admit that it looks good enough to be a commercial for either the camera brand or VisitEurope.

He looks like he’s having a ball of time and it’s hard not to be infected by his energy as you watch the video – you can’t help but smile too. But if you also feel envy bubbling in the pit of your stomach, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. He has made us add “Three months in Europe” on our bucket list. #holidayenvy

Watch the visual spectacle below.

Images: YouTube