When choosing a holiday destination in the United States, most Singaporeans going there for the first time would opt for a visit to New York, Los Angeles or both. Unfortunately, New York City is not only one of the most expensive destinations to fly to from Singapore on account of it being so darned far away, but the cost of accommodation there will also make you swoon, because you’ve finally found a place where it costs even more to keep yourself off the streets than good old Singapore.

Will a trip to NYC sentence you to 2 years of instant noodles upon your return, or is it possible to do this very expensive destination on a budget? We do the math.

Cost of a week-long holiday to New York City: $1,771.06

*Obviously, the above estimation does not include going on a rampage at the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets, where most Singaporeans end up.

Image: Roman Slavik / 123RF.com
Text: Joanne Poh

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