Let’s be honest, pandas are #goals. There’s just something about their lifestyle of lazing around and nua-ing that makes panda videos a joy to watch.

Which is why living like a panda for a day doesn’t seem like a bad idea to destress from work and the daily grind. The Pandanctuary™ retreat, which is a collaboration between foodpanda and Studio M Hotel, allows you to experience living like a panda, albeit not in the wild or a panda sanctuary, but in a bespoke “panda room” – complete with bamboo plants, play ropes and “large water”, as stated in their press release, but we’re guessing this refers to the bathtub or pool.


And don’t worry – you won’t be eating raw bamboo shoots like a real panda. foodpanda has teamed up with Jamie’s Italian (yep, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant) to come up with a bamboo-inspired menu, ranging from a Bamboo Shoot Risotto to a Bamboo Sling.


A panda costume will be provided if you want to take your experience to the next level, but you won’t be able to take it home. And if you decide to don the costume, remember to take a video because panda videos are a surefire way of going viral.


More importantly, remember to take your time to unwind so you don’t end up like this little guy when you go back to the office on Monday.


The Pandanctuary™ starts from April 1, 2017. Visit the website for more info.