Thinking of taking a trip to Mongolia or Ladakh? Scott Tay is just the guy to call—he runs Beyond Expeditions Singapore, a travel agency that specialises in tours to these two mountainous regions. Yes, he’s very dashing, but the real reason he’s worth a shot is that he promises nothing less than a one-of-a-kind experience.

“I’m the sort to go all out or not at all. So when I take my clients on a trip, I take them to exclusive spots and keep them away from mainstream attractions. And unlike most other just during the peak period of July to August,” he says.

This adrenaline-chaser has been backpacking since he was 18, so he knows a thing or two about adventure and has plenty of wild stories to tell. But there’s more to him than just the fun stuff—he also finds ways to give back.

“I recently led cancer survivors on a charity expedition trek through the Gobi Desert. We raised more than $70,000 for the Singapore Cancer Society. People told me I was crazy to take them given the harsh conditions, but the harder the challenge, the more I want to make the best out of it.”

When he isn’t busy working (which, apart from leading tours, also involves attending many meetings), Scott can be found at the gym because that’s where he can “not think about anything else”. And yes, his travels have certainly influenced the way he views life.

“No matter how we look, or how much money we have, we’re all human beings. We’re all the same and I’m learning every day to be more kind, humble and generous. We come and we go, so let’s just make the best out of life and do more good while we’re here.”