You know fashion has reached peak ’80s the moment you see thong swimwear being normalised on Instagram. While teeny, tiny swimwear has always been a mainstay in countries like Brazil (they don’t call it the Brazilian wax for nothing), over the course of the last year, celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski have given the thong swimsuit much visibility, spamming us with pictures of them and their sun-kissed bums while on vacation. Although the trend hasn’t fully become mainstream in Singapore just yet, we’ve already spotted it on a couple of local influencers like Isabel Tan (@prettyfrowns) and Saffron Sharpe (@saffronsharpe).

Although baring your derriere in public might seem daunting, contrary to popular belief, the thong bikini bottom is a lot more flattering than you think. Most of them have a very high-cut leg and a deep V-shaped waistband, giving you the illusion of a longer body and legs. While these are some of the merits of wearing a thong on the beach, in no way are we saying that you need to have longer legs to look or feel prettier or skinner. But if having them makes you feel more confident, then we say go for it—whatever floats your boat!

I guess what we’re trying to say here is that you don’t have to have the perfect body to fit the perfect swimsuit, because the perfect body doesn’t exist! Whether your bum has stretch marks or cellulite—who cares! Perhaps it takes a trend like this to help coax our bodies out into the open, showcasing that we all come in different shapes and sizes.

Be proud of your body and show off (or cover up) as much skin as you like. But just remember to put on plenty of sunscreen because the worst kind of exposure your bum can get is sun exposure.

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Image: Instagram