Wedding Insurance Is A Thing. Here’s Why You Should Buy One

One, for protection.

wedding insurance singapore

Having a wedding in Singapore is not cheap—it can cost as much as a small house in another country. Yet it’s mind-boggling how many couples get so mired in wedding prep, booking a venue and arranging for their photoshoots that they lose track of the fact that they’re laying tens of thousands of dollars on the table, yet not realising that it’s way easier for a wedding to be derailed than a car or property purchase. If you suffer a medical emergency, your car or house will not disappear, but your wedding will be ruined.

Few people realise wedding insurance exist in Singapore. These policies might offer you a payout in the event your wedding is cancelled, or compensation for screw-ups like the best man dropping the rings into a toilet bowl.

Here are four red flags that indicate wedding insurance might be a good idea.

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