Not sure where to start when it comes to planning your wedding? Haven’t even got your mood board done up yet? Don’t fret, there’s always Pinterest to turn to. Here are some of the biggest wedding trends this year, from flower garlands to sustainability. We hope this gives you some idea of what your big day is going to look like!

1. Small Budget-Friendly Weddings

20 Budget Friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas That Look Special - EmmaLovesWeddings
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One of the biggest wedding trends this year is that people are a lot more mindful about what they’re spending on. Globally, brides and grooms are choosing to keep things simple and intimate, which means they’redoing away with the big venues and extravagant displays. Not sure about you, but we’re quite big fans of the rustic chic decor that comes with more budget-friendly weddings!

2. Eloping

Wedding trend eloping
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Pinterest also saw a 128% increase in activity for “Elopement photography ideas“. Some of these elopement involve a small group of guests, while some couples opted for it to just involve the both of them. Worried about how your future mother-in-law might react? There’s loads of tips on how to elope, and how to do it without offending family.

3. Sustainable Wedding Ideas

Zero waste wedding
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Brides in 2019 are woke. Massive celebrations always end up generating a ton of waste, so it’s of no surprise that eco-conscious brides are looking for ways to make their wedding celebrations zero-waste, or at the very least, eco-friendly. These sustainable wedding ideas are pretty Instagram-friendly too, with flower petals replacing confetti (because it’s biodegradable) for the wedding toss and opting for wedding favours that are less harmful to the environment (i.e: fresh flowers to bring home, personalised mason jars for drinks at the wedding, which the guests can also bring home after).

4. Gold Wedding Gowns

Gold wedding gown
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Want a little something different for your bridal gown? Instead of looking at the white dresses, why not opt for a gold gown? It’s super on-trend at the moment too!

5. Wedding Flower Garlands

30 Wedding Reception Décor Swing Ideas
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Instead of standing floral displays, brides seem to be going for floral garlands more this year. It ranges from massive installations to little whimsical touches, but no matter the scale, flower garlands make for a very pretty Instagram op, both for the couple and their guests.

6. Smoke Bomb Photography

15 Cool & Colorful Smoke Bomb Wedding Photo Inspirations
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Searches for smoke bomb photography went up by 436% in the past year, so suffice to say, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of it in wedding photos! Not gonna lie, it looks like a fun photo op, especially when you involve your wedding party as well.

7. Personalised Wedding Neon Signs

Crazy in Love Neon Light Wedding Sign _ Pink & Red Flowers _ Romantic _ more wedding ideas & wedding inspiration @danellesbridal danellesboutique_com
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Ugh, so millennial. Which means we’re crazy in love with this wedding decor idea. You can also use this sign to spell out your names, wedding hashtag… the possibilities are endless. The best part? It doubles up as decor for your new BTO.

8. Wedding Doughnut Decor

Wedding donuts

Edible displays are trending right now, and well, doughnuts are universally appealing and super photogenic to boot. You really can’t go wrong with an edible display, plus it’s eco-friendly and doubles up as snacks for your guests. And think of all the puns you can use: Donut worry, be happy; A “hole” lotta love; I Dough!; (Do) Nuts About You… etc.


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