Too much sugar is bad for your health – but we all know that. What you might not know, however, is that there’s an optimal time for you to consume sugar.

According to physician Dr Olivier Wenker, it’s best to eat sugary stuff in the afternoon.

He opines that consuming sugar in the morning causes a spike in your cortisol levels, and when it comes down in the late afternoon, it causes you to crash and feel tired. This, in turn, affects your sleeping patterns. He said, “[Your cortisol level increases] one more time before you go to bed because you come home and you start thinking and … then you start stressing out. Your cortisol is sky high before you sleep, so you cannot sleep.”

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He added, “When you don’t sleep, you’ll produce more ghrelin (hunger hormone). It’ll go to your brain and release a whole casket of stuff that happens to make you eat more sugar.”

He also mentions that when your cortisol levels are high, you’ll be insulin-resistant. He said, “So if you eat sugar, it’s not going to be metabolised. It’s going to turn into fats.”

He reckons that a good breakfast would be a protein-rich one, such as a protein shake, or eggs and meat.

“If you want to have some kind of sugary things, you should do it in the afternoon, when your cortisol is low.”