Some people believe that crystals can promote healing and eliminate bad juju (otherwise known as bad vibes, but this is cuter to say). So when I found out that the newly-opened Six Senses Maxwell offers a crystal massage at its spa, I was raring to see if the treatment can give me an energy shift. I mean, much as this new-age belief can come across kooky, don’t knock it till you try it, right? It didn’t take me long to schedule an appointment.

The treatment

I tried the Vanda “Miss Joaquim” treatment, which began with my therapist giving me a back and shoulder massage using rose and jasmine body oil, the combo of which is meant to rejuvenate my sense. Halfway through the massage, she started rubbing my back with two amethyst crystal balls. Why amethyst, specifically? According to Sabrina Chen, the spa manager, it’s because the precious stone is able to draw out impurities and negative energy. But the therapist didn’t just use regular amethyst crystal balls—she used heated ones and the warmth made all the difference in melting away the aches in my body. After all, heat stimulates blood circulation and promotes detoxification, so yes, the rubdown was as good as you imagine.

What followed was a body scrub, the scrub of which is made from a mixture of Himalayan salt and orchid essential oil. IKR, orchid essential oil—it’s an uncommon variety and is pretty exclusive. And, yes, the addition of this product is the inspiration behind the name of this treatment, but I digress: the scrub was relaxing and I delighted in the thought of my dead skin getting sloughed away. I was then asked to take a quick rinse, and found myself relieved when I didn’t have to wait long for the water to turn warm. Few things make me shudder more than a cold shower in a cold room. Literally.

The treatment concluded with a mud wrap—Sabrina explained that a product containing rose extract is used because the flower contains nourishing and hydrating properties. I was dreading having to do nothing for a good half an hour because I’m the restless sort, so I was reaaally relieved when my therapist started giving me a face massage with a mini bamboo roller while I marinated in my wrap. After she was done, I took another shower before being tenderly lathered in lotion.

The verdict

So did this luxurious two-hour affair eliminate some bad juju? Well, I can’t say I’m any less negative, or that sh*tty things aren’t happening as often. But it’s probably not very fair for me to say anyway when my glass is usually half-empty. What I do know, though, is that I was walking on air for the rest of the evening.

OK, yes, that’s what happens when we treat ourselves to a lavish massage, but since we don’t always get what we pay for, I’ll say that the Vanda “Miss Joaquim” treatment is worth every cent. In fact, it’s really a two-and-a-half-hour affair because guests get to chill in a lounger while munching on fruits and nuts and sipping on tea post-treatment. So at $280, you’ll be spending about $1.90 for every minute of a 10/10 experience. While it may not exactly eliminate bad vibes, it’ll leave you relaxed, and the skin on your body, brighter and cleaner, which will make you feel good. And if, unlike me, your glass is half-full, maybe that can count as a sprinkling of good vibes.