EXO’s Xiumin may be known for his chiselled jaw, chocolate abs and slim frame, but it didn’t come easy. Like many idols, the singer resorted to going on crash diets to lose the kilos.

During the debut showcase for EXO-CBX, a subunit comprising Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin, the oldest member of the group answered a fan’s question on whether losing 10kg by not eating was a better option than losing 3kg through exercise.

Baekhyun remarked “If you lose 10kg by not eating, you’ll gain 15kg the moment you eat.”

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Xiumin agreed and related his personal experience of going on a crash diet. He said, “I’ve tried weight control in many ways. I’m not sure if you remember me from ‘Growl’ days. I was skinny at that time. At that time, I weighed no more than 53kg. I didn’t eat to lose weight. I ate a full meal once in two days. I always drank coffee, and I didn’t eat to lose weight. That was how I completed promotion for ‘Growl’.”


He added, “The next [song we promoted] was ‘Christmas Day’. Do you remember me back then? I was chubby again. In two to three months, I gained 10kg. Yo-yo dieting (crash diet) is that scary.”


He urged fans not to starve themselves, “I don’t recommend you to lose weight by not eating. It’s better to exercise. And once you exercise, you don’t gain weight again. … Eat a moderate amount and exercise too.”

Yo-yo dieting refers to the cycle of losing and gaining weight when one goes on extreme diets, such as fad or crash diets. The person may successfully lose weight after dieting, but will quickly put it back on when he or she resumes normal eating habits.

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