Do you notice yourself sniffling or coughing during the festive season, be it during Christmas, New Year or Chinese New Year—or any festivities? You’re not alone. We know that eating a copious amount of junk food is one the main culprits, but Dr Cindy Xie Bo, Family Physician at Healthway Medical Clinic (Bukit Batok West), attributes other reasons to you feeling under the weather. One of them might be all the parties you’re going to. She says, “The festive season brings with it lots of parties and other social gatherings—large groups of people in a confined space facilitates the transmission of viral infections (especially during the influenza season) through respiratory droplets and contact with contaminated surfaces.”

She adds, “Stress of preparing for the holiday, inadequate rest and partying late, dehydration from excessive alcohol and caffeinated beverages all contribute to reduced immunity and increased susceptibility to infections.” Another reason to drink in moderation: too much alcohol can also lead to dehydration, abdominal discomfort and hangover.

And if you haven’t been working out because you’re in “holiday mood”, that’s also part of the reason why you’re falling ill because Dr Cindy says that cutting back on exercise can lower your immunity.

So what’s a girl who just wanna party this season gotta do? Scroll through the gallery to read the tips shared by Dr Cindy.

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