Most of us have a love-hate relationship with yummy drinks. We love the sugar rush but don’t want to have to deal with the calories, and it’s always hard to decide if we should cave into our cravings at, like, 4pm in the afternoon.

So ICYMI, Gong Cha launched a couple of healthier drink options last year, all of which are identifiable by the Healthier Choice Symbols.

Following the Health Promotion Board’s guidelines of up to 6g sugar per 100ml, these drinks were given reduced sugar levels and do not contain toppings. They’re not quite bubble tea, but good enough a substitute.

They include Earl Grey Milk Tea (50% sugar), Plum Green Tea (50% sugar), Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea (0% sugar), and Milk Foam Oolong (0% sugar).

So the next time you need your Gong Cha fix but want to enjoy your drink without guilt, make sure you order one of these. They’ll help you power through the rest of the day without making feel like you need to eat less at dinner.

Gong Cha has branches at Plaza Sing, Takashimaya and Westgate, among many other locations. But you probably already know where the nearest one to you is lah.

Images: Gong Cha
Text: Estelle Low / Shape Singapore / January 2018
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