Let’s be real, now is not the best time to get the flu. After all, COVID-19 is prevalent in some parts of the world right now—there are more than 70 cases in Singapore alone—and given that it shares similar symptoms as the flu, we’d rather have a clean bill of health and confirm+chop that we are not infected.

Moreover, even if we don’t have the virus, try coughing or sneezing in public nowadays—you’re likely to get a glare or see people scurrying away from you. That said, don’t sabo ah—if you are ill, please wear a mask and more importantly, stay at home.

The good news is, there are ways you can stay flu-free. Scroll through the gallery to find out.

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Images: 123RF.com
Text: Natalya Molok / The Singapore Women’s Weekly / January 2018