Juice cleanses are taking over the world a bottle at a time. With the “Eat Clean” fad going around, cleanses afford one with a balanced, healthy way of detox and weight loss. I tried a cleanse two weeks ago, so this is what you can expect out of it.

To start off, choose among a one-, three- or five-day cleanse. A five-day cleanse seemed a little intimidating, while a one-day cleanse didn’t seem to pose much of a challenge, so I settled for a three-day cleanse with confidence, and admittedly, almost died (not literally) doing it.

I woke up on a Monday to three cooler bags full of bottled juices delivered to my doorstep – my meals for the next three days. My juice cleanse was sponsored by Daily Juice, and the team was nice enough to throw in a few special (and really yummy) flavours.

I started the mornings with a bottle of smoothie. The first morning, I had a bottle of B.Smooth – a blend of mixed berries, banana, apple, natural yoghurt and chia seeds. I was supplied with four bottles of various juices to power me through the day. I usually get crazy hunger pangs at night, but the bottle of Nut Mylk, made of almonds, cashews, agave, dates, vanilla, Himalayan pink salt and alkaline water, helped to curb those cravings. The first day went by pretty well. I was out the entire day but the cooler bags kept the juices chilled. Friends who had done juice cleanses warned me of lethargy but I had enough energy to go for a kickboxing class in the evening.

The next two days were pretty much the same: Woke up to a bottle of smoothie, sipped on juices throughout the day, and rounded up the nights with a bottle of thick Nut Mylk. I managed a quick workout on the third day even though I felt a little more lethargic than I did on the previous two days. However, I was never hungry because six bottles a day was more than enough to keep me full. For those who are mentally weak like me, be prepared for a tougher time because thoughts of food filled my mind during the three days of cleansing. If you promise not to laugh, I’ll admit that I even dreamt about eating.

Waking up on the fourth day was glorious because I knew I no longer had to survive on juices only. Oddly, I wasn’t hungry until it hit dinnertime, and even then, all I had was a salad. It felt good to eat clean and having a smaller appetite.

If you’re considering a juice cleanse, here’s what might help you decide.

The bottled juices are specifically selected to ensure it’s everything your body needs. Full of vital nutrients, vitamins and living enzymes, the juices are nutritionally dense and highly balanced.

These juices don’t contain sugar, preservatives or any additives. This makes it easier for weight loss, eliminating toxins and receiving a healthy supply of raw nutrients.

Did I feel better after the cleanse? Definitely.

Should you try a juice cleanse? Try everything once – except the bad things. If it’s something you can’t explain to the paramedics, don’t do it.

Images: monticello / 123RF.com, maridav / 123RF.com
Text: Elizabeth Boon